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Processing and handling up from Ø4mm to Ø80mm metal pipes as custom

The production at FELSAN includes a wide variety of transformations on piping and profiles to offer a totally finished product, using the most advanced technology. Control, traceability, quality, subcontrators and logistic is monitorized by our network.


A. The most out-standing characteristics of the production system are:

  • Totally automated cutting process of pipe or profile.
  • Bending with latest generation numerical control systems (CNC – DNC).
  • System of interior piping cleaning, “Jet cleaner”  system.
  • Fully Finished product delivered with end protection.
  • All types of formations (flanging, countersinking, punching, swaging, etc.)
  • TIG, MAG, MIG, brazing, spot welding systems, etc.
  • Assembly and Incorporation of connectors, sealing rings, etc.
  • Individual identification with part number by micro-percussion.
  • Design and manufacture of tools, and mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic equipments.
  • Own R&D department.



B. The most commonly used raw materials are:

  • Cold-drawn seamless steel EN-10305-1, EN-10305-4 / DIN2391).
  • Cold-drawn welded steel (EN-10305-2 / DIN2393 y EN-10305-3 / DIN2394).
  • Copper.
  • Aluminium (3103, 6063, etc.).
  • Stainless steel (AISI-304, AISI-316, AISI-321, etc.).
  • Brass and other special materials (titanium, alloys, etc.).
  • Rectangular and Square Electric Welded Precision Steel Tubes  (EN-10305-5 / DIN 2395).


C. The most common surface coatings are:

  • -Zinc plating (hexavalent chromium free coating).
  • Geomet.
  • Nickel-zinc.
  • Galvanised.
  • Cataphoresis.
  • Phosphating.
  • Poliéster paint.
  • Epoxy paint.


D. Most common application in the automotive sector:

  • Brake circuits.
  • Gasoil circuits in diesel engines.
  • Combustible Gas conduits (urban buses).
  • Air conditioning and heating circuits.
  • Engine cooling circuits and INTARDER cooling (Ø50 / Ø60 / Ø70 mm).
  • Hydraulic steering, elevation circuits, etc.
  • Handles.
  • Body cars, truck, bus.
  • Etc.

Polígono Industrial ROMICA
Avda.C, Parc.126
P.O.Box 5089
02080 Albacete (Spain)
coordenadas GPS: 39° 3’ 29” N 1° 50’ 39” O
Contact phone: +34 967 216 980 Fax: +34 967 241 778
E-Mail: info@felsan.com

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